Home purchase

The home purchase process could be daunting for a first timer. We have years of success in helping first home buyers and our deep understanding of different First Home Buyer government schemes can help you take advantage and get the most out of your first home. We are also experts in more specialised options such as low deposit and parental guarantee options to maximise opportunities for new buyers.

Investment purchase

Investment property, whether first or second can have a lot of limitations depending on the type of asset.

There is no one size/lender fits all. With over 30 lenders on our panel and our vast experience across each, we will find the right lender to suit your need and also present the cheapest option possible. We also combine this with options of refinance and equity release to greatly improve your purchase potential.


Save on interest

In just the last 12 months, there have been more rate cuts and lending requirements changes than many years prior combined. Within this competitive banking landscape, it is ever more important to keep on top of your existing finances and to ensure you are getting the best rate possible. With over 30 lenders on our panel, we are bound to find the right and cheapest option tailoring to your current and future needs. Lenders are also offering up to $3,500 or $2,000 per property refinance rebates for eligible customers. There is no better time to review your current arrangements.

Cash out equity

There is no benefits of building capital or equity if you don’t make use of it. At Insight Property Finance, we combine the option of equity release with all potential purchases to ensure your equity is working for you to maximise your deposit and purchase potentials. In this volatile property market, it may be a brilliant idea to lock in your equity now so you don’t lose it later.


Commercial property purchase

Purchasing a commercial asset is more complex and has more to consider than purchasing a residential property. With years of experience in business banking and asset acquisition and with our strong relationship with business lending panels, we can find the most suitable and cheapest solution for you.

Business acquisition & expansion

It is exciting to purchase a new business or to expand an existing one. At the same time it is frightening and full of uncertainties. With years of experience in business lending we understand what it takes to bring your business to the next level. With years of success in assisting in new business and franchise acquisition, we can help you prepare for that next business venture.


Motor vehicles

It is easy to get sucked into a deal on the spot when purchasing a car. However it is important to consider the actual cost of finance in not only the interest rate, but hidden fees that come with it. With access to multiple lenders, we have the options of providing finance for you within a couple of hours depending on your situation, whilst making sure you are getting the most competitive offer in the market.

Machines & equipment

Equipment finance is not just for standard vehicles. It can be for any equipment that you use, as small as a camera, printer or scanner to something as large as fit outs, earthmovers, boats or even drones. With years of success in equipment finance, there is almost no equipment that can’t be financed one way or another through the equipment loan itself or even a business loan, secured or unsecured.


Guarantor loans

Did you know you can borrow up to more than 100% if you have someone (usually parents) willing to provide their property as security? We have had years of success helping customers purchase their first home, with or without sufficient deposit, across many different lenders that offer this. We have helped clients with absolutely no deposit secure their first home purchase.

Low deposit purchase

It is a common misconception that you need at least 20% deposit to purchase a property. There are many other options where lenders can lend you up to more than 100% of your purchase price taking into account all fees. A good example is the below.

Low Doc loans

If you’re self employed or a business owner, you may be stuck within the lending process depending on the timing of your financial statements or tax returns. With many low doc options in our panel, you may access funding via alternate means outside of the standard tax returns and financial statements. This can help in times of need regardless of what period in the year you are in for your business.

Bad credit history

Have you gone through a bad financial event in the past that affected your credit history? Whether it is your fault or not, it can greatly impede your likelihood of getting credit approval. We are here to help. With years of experience and success in mortgages, we understand how to ask the right questions to turn the outright no to a yes. Further, we have lenders on our panel who consider scenarios regardless of credit score and offer mortgage facilities to cater for your need regardless of situation.


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